What yoga for men?     

We often forget it, but originally yoga was a practice exclusively reserved for men. A discipline invented by men, for men. Its regular practice is also widely recommended for athletes, especially those who practice intense sports with repetitive impacts. Why? Because it helps rebalance the body, gaining amplitude, flexibility, endurance and resistance. Very complementary to training, it also helps strengthen stabilizing muscles to increase sports performance. And that’s not all! Meditation and relaxation, which are an integral part of a session, also boost the mind. Yoga is thus a tool for getting to know each other, a technique for personal development. And yet, many men still think that yoga is “a nana thing” and are reluctant to take the plunge. Fear of being in the middle of a group of women, fear of judgment … They also admit to being a bit lost when faced with the (too many?) Numerous versions of yoga that exist. From Hatha to Astana via Bigram or even Fly Yoga, sometimes difficult to choose. To see a little more clearly and finally enjoy all the benefits of yoga, we went to seek the wise advice certified teacher and creator of his own method, Vichada yoga. According to him, to speak to men, a practice must respect these three fundamentals.

1) The exercises

Neither too much nor too little! It is actually a question of finding the middle ground between a soft version and a more intensive yoga. “What are you going to do during the course?” Only relax? It will not work. Generally, too gentle yoga practices do not correspond to what men seek. But you don’t need something too cardio either because you already have this dynamism when you run or in a Cross Fit session for example”. The practice must therefore bring something different and must be complementary to your training. It should allow you to work what you do not work during your traditional sessions. Also opt for a yoga that allows you to hold the (positions) for a long time, which is not always the case. » Holding the postures for a very long time allows you to work the deep muscles and provides resistance and muscular endurance in sports.  “

Why not start with hatha yoga, one of the most practiced in the West. It is a classic that adapts to everyone, whatever their level. Perfect to avoid any frustration when you start, and therefore any risk of premature abandonment. “It allows you to learn to position yourself and understand how it works at the postural level. A basic hatha yoga can therefore correspond to certain profiles. »Especially since the positions must be maintained long enough (about 3 minutes).

Vinyasa yoga can 먹튀 also be a good choice. But beware, in a slightly slower version. “A Vinyasa class is very dynamic, it’s going pretty fast. It is good for those who need to move but who also already know how to place the body to then work a little more on the level of breathing.  “

2) Language

Exit the practices too mystical, too esoteric, which can block some. Opt for a course that goes straight to the point. “Very often with men, you have to find the right language. We do not need to cling to clichés, on the contrary many are resistant to all that. The technique of kundalini yoga is for example very good but it is necessary to use another language for a man. “To sum up, the practice must be Cartesian, the language simple and direct. As for the results, they must be felt quickly.

3) Meditation

If trips that are too mystical generally make the male population flee, breathing, relaxation and meditation should especially not be neglected. After all, it is all about yoga! “It is indeed necessary that the session brings a real phase of relaxation where we understand the importance of letting go. These are things that speak to us a lot because we also have a sensitivity, a spirituality. Only the language changes. Meditation helps to strengthen one’s mental capacities. As for breathing exercises, they considerably improve recovery, and therefore performance on exertion.

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