What is the duration expected in order to become pregnant?

No one can set an extra time frame for your pregnancy. How much does it take to get pregnant is really difficult to ascertain. How you are going to speed up the process is important.  Couples are known to become pregnant 3 months once they try. How long can it take to conceive if you  have fertility issues or into smoking or drinking. Among all couples who are trying to become pregnant

  • 30 % women become pregnant on the first cycle which is about a month
  • 90% of women take around 4 cycles to become pregnant

In case if you are trying without success it is better to seek advice of a specialist. Ideally you should conceive on your own if you are trying, but in case if you face fertility issues then better to get in touch with a specialist. If your age is above 35 years, a complete fertility check-up is going to work very soon. If you do not get pregnant within 6 months it is better to discuss with a specialist.

In 90 % of couples they end up conceiving in a natural manner. The remaining portion faces fertility issues. 95 % of couples would have conceived if they would have tried in a natural manner. Some just try to get to help rather than seeking some help. On an infertility diagnosis you end up spending a single year without becoming pregnant. It is better you meet up with a fertility expert if you are 35 years or older and for the last 6 months have been trying to conceive without major success. Till a year has passed you might be diagnosed with fertility problems. Some couples who face issues with infertility seek medical help and eventually many of them become pregnant. Others could end up with options like sperm donation, surrogacy etc.

Does age have a say in pregnancy matters?

The more  in terms of age, difficult for you to become pregnant. With age your egg quality declines. All of us are born with eggs and this goes without saying. It means a few of them could go on join a sperm and develop on to a healthy baby. Male fertility rates do not drop till they reach around 50 years.

A woman can only become pregnant when they ovulate. This means an egg is released from the ovaries. A few methods would enable you to pinpoint when you can ovulate. Sexual intercourse before a couple of days before ovulation and the day you ovulate is important.

The reproductive along with general health are important before you are planning to become pregnant. Before pregnancy set up a pre conception test with your health care provider. Give up on drugs, alcohol or smoking that can have a negative impact on the baby. Stock up on healthy foods and ensure that the body has sufficient supply of nutrients. If you are under weight or over weight it can have an impact on you becoming pregnant.

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