Pre-Paid Funerals: Easing the Burden

Losing a close family member can be a traumatic experience, and with so much to arrange, many people simply could not cope without the help of their local funeral services in Dursley, who offer their assistance in many aspects that arise when a loved one dies. Yet, no matter how the family deals with the experience, there are expenses, and the last thing you want is for your family to suffer financially because of your funeral costs.

Choose your Own Funeral

For many people, it is much preferable to decide on every aspect of the funeral, from the type of coffin to the memorial service, and if you pay for the funeral in advance, you will pay the current price, which remains in effect until your passing. Taking out a prepaid funeral today could save you a lot of money, if you were to pass on 10 years from now.

Easing the Burden

While it is not possible to ease your loved one’s feelings, you can certainly make sure that there are no money issues, and you get to choose what kind of funeral you have. Paying in advance allows you to:

  • Choose the coffin
  • Specify whether religious or humanist
  • What kind of service
  • Cremation or burial

With all of your funeral expenses covered, your family will not have the financial burden of finding the money, which will give you peace of mind.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

By taking control of your own funeral, you can specify that your passing be remembered in the most eco-friendly way, and thus reduce your carbon footprint. There are eco-friendly coffins available in many designs, and you can specify that all printed media uses recycled paper.

You can even decide the fine details of the funeral procession, and if you prefer vehicles that use bio diesel, that can be arranged.

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