Aesthetic House Front Designs

Your home exterior design is just as crucial as your interior home decor. This is because the kerb appeal of your home creates the first impression when someone visits your home. Moreover, it will have an impact on your mood every day when you enter your home. Hence, you must plan it very carefully.

There are many different house front designs available. You can choose any option depending on your preferences. In case you are not sure about your choice, here are a few ideas you can consider:

01 of 04 Contemporary front house designs

The contemporary house front design is quite popular. You will find this option in modern home decor. This design is created keeping all the up-to-date and trending aspects in mind.

Here are a few things you need to know about contemporary designs:

Simplicity – Contemporary home designs focus on simplicity. You do not have to add a lot of intricate details to the home exterior design. They feature a more relaxing atmosphere with clear lines.

Sophisticated and elegant – Even though contemporary home designs have simple designs, they appear very sophisticated. You can give your home exteriors a high-end look with a contemporary design. Hence, spending a lot of money is not always necessary.

Go bold – Even though the central theme of contemporary designs is simplicity, you can be a little bold. It will help to add more visual interest to the space. It can be easily done by adding contemporary art, edgy statues, and even applying wallpapers.

Add Polygonal shapes – Your contemporary exterior house design should feature simple geometric shapes. Although you can include anything, polygonal shapes are mostly preferred.

02 of 04 Transitional front house design

Creating the transitional front house design can be a little more difficult than creating the other front house designs. This is because various styles are combined together to create this house design. Many people find this combination very interesting.

Here are a few things you need to know about transitional designs:

Introduce chrome – You cannot use chrome in all types of home designs. They do not have a very versatile appearance and are used in a few specific home exterior designs only. The transitional design style is one of the places where you can use chrome.

Express yourself with art – If you love art, this home front design would be perfect for you. It gives you the opportunity to express yourself to the world through art. Hence, you will be able to give it a more personalised appearance.

Cultural – People with a transitional home exterior design can add some cultural elements to the design. If you love your culture and rich heritage, it is a brilliant home exterior design for you.

Vintage feel – Do you link a vintage feel? The transitional home exterior design does not just focus on the cultural aspect but also gives the home an old-world feel. A home can look old-world and high-end at the same time.

03 of 04 Eclectic modern front house design

The transitional house exterior designs and the eclectic house exterior designs are quite similar. However, they are not exactly the same. You will find the eclectic house exterior design more chaotic. This home design is perfect for people who want to make a statement.

Here are a few things you need to know about eclectic designs:

Random – If a person sees the eclectic house exterior design for the first time, he or she will feel that it is random. This is because this home exterior design appears random and mix-and-match.

Historical feel – People who choose this house exterior design are fond of historical architectural designs. It will give your overall home a historical feel.

Adds more character – You can add more character to your home exterior design by opting for this option. This is because the eclectic design features lots of random elements. People’s eyes will be naturally drawn to the home design.

Well-balanced and in harmony – Most people think that adding lots of different items will make the home exterior design cluttered and unorganised. However, it is actually quite the opposite. Random elements are added to the eclectic design in a manner that everything appears in harmony.

04 of 04 Glass front house design

A glass house design can come under contemporary or eclectic designs as well but it is better to consider it as a separate category. Not everyone chooses this option for the home. It is seen very rarely and has a very unique look. You will have to hire experienced professionals for this.

Here are a few things you need to know about glass designs:

High maintenance – It is a great option for your home exterior design but always remember that you will have to invest a lot of time and money in maintenance. Glass can get dirty very easily. If you want it to appear appealing, it should be kept clean at all times.

Asymmetry – You can create any type of glass house exterior design. Most people believe symmetry will make the space more appealing. However, you can choose asymmetry as well. You will be able to make a statement with this option.

Best for open-concept – You can create an open layout or home layout depending on your choice. However, it is always better to choose an open concept while choosing the glass house design, Otherwise, the house might not appear very appealing.

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